Polly's Coffee! 4606 E. Second Street, Long Beach, CA 90803

Did you know?

Our owner and founder Mike Sheldrake took on Starbucks in 1999 with the help of The Retail Doctor, as one of their first clients. They have two great articles you can read about the success here and here.

This caused such a big stir that Mike was interviewed by OC Weekly, a stunning piece that you can read here, and even made it into the New York Times. Mike was also invited to speak on guerrilla marketing at the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City!

The history of Mike Sheldrake and his impact on the coffee world has been truly fascinating and continues today as he navigates through the 2020 pandemic, remaining open to sell his beloved coffee beans to anyone who's seeking quality coffee for their quarantine.

Order online to try some Polly's Blend for yourself and see what drove Starbucks off the block!

Graphic: One of the old ads from 1999 we ran in the local paper!

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