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Sheldrake Vs. Starbucks

Did you know?

Our owner and founder Mike Sheldrake took on Starbucks in 1999 with the help of The Retail Doctor, as one of their first clients. They have two great articles you can read about the success here and here.

This caused such a big stir that Mike was interviewed by OC Weekly, a stunning piece that you can read here, and even made it into the New York Times. Mike was also invited to...

La Minita

Our first pick for Coffee of the Month is La Minita, a delightful medium roast from the beautiful farm in Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

"Hacienda La Minita was founded on the principle that coffee is much more than a commodity and should be enjoyed as luxuriously as an exquisite glass of wine or a gourmet meal."

Black Lives Matter.

We've collected a list of helpful links.

Before we resume any normally scheduled posts on our social media and blog, we want to acknowledge the importance of our current events and share some resources. Change has to happen; we have the power to educate ourselves and create that change!

Our COVID-19 Response

In this time of crisis we know it's still important to get your coffee, so we're here for you.

At our shop in Long Beach, CA we're working hard to roast, package, prepare, and ship your orders as quickly as possible. We're taking the current circumstances very seriously and have been ahead of the curve following the rules set by our local government...